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"Jeff Mingay is a relatively young and extremely talented writer, historian and golf course designer from Canada. He has a bright future and works with Rod Whitman unearthing beautiful natural landforms on which to play golf, not to mention they are in some of the most beautiful settings in the world."


"A very cool site for golf course architecture aficionados. Will and Colin say it best” – “We share a profound love of the game and enjoy it most when it is presented on simple terms. We believe golf architecture is at its greatest when course design and maintenance are done in an artistic and practical manner. Most of all, the game should be about spending quality time with friends among nature and the elements."


"Mike DeVries' first solo course in Michigan; seek it out, unreal."


"Architect Tom Doak's website, he is probably the most knowledgeable guy working in the field, builds natural, mother nature inspired courses and is changing how people in America look at golf."


"Tom Doak's breathtaking golf course recently opened which is private and walking only in the sand hills region of Northeast Colorado, seek it out, unreal"


"A place of magic on the Oregon coast – my home state. Mike Keiser has brought his visionary ways into his passion for golf. Walking only, this resort has changed the face of golf in America and it gets better every year, which is kind of hard to fathom. I am now even more proud to be from Oregon."


"Ran Morrissett has built an amazing resource for all of us golf architecture junkies, which is about as healthy a vice as one can have. He runs the website without deriving profit and it has a wealth of information that has already and will continue to help the history and natural aspects of the game remain at the forefront."


"Paul Daley is a forerunner of publishing Golf Architecture books; he is extremely well versed in golf architecture in his homeland of Australia as well as throughout the rest of the world."


"The only golf bag I intend to use the rest of my life; I haven't carried anything else since high school."


"His courses are way-freaking-cool – very natural, inspired by the land and Mother Nature; he has amazing talent and is changing how people in America look at golf."


"Kyle Phillips is a golf course architect from America who has earned huge respect throughout the world for his strategic, natural and classic-feeling designs. Two notable courses he has designed since being on his own are Kingsbarns in Scotland and Dundonald in Scotland."


"I have never met Ben; however, his design partner Bill Coore may be the most respected designer working today. He is as good as it gets, which I hear is what many people say of Ben as well. I have great respect for their love of golf's history and natural virtues."


"A project about to get underway, which, given its setting, its owners and its architects, will infuse the East Coast and Canada with some golfing magic perhaps unseen there to date. See the site to preview what will unfold."


"Joann is a legendary golf course photographer, an amazing player and a truly wonderful person; she has been a real friend to me."


"The Walking Golfer is a website dedicated to providing information about the many benefits of walking when you golf, which is how the game was intended to be played. If you are a passionate walking golfer then please consider joining the growing membership of The Walking Golfers Society."

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