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It wasn't really a decision to start painting golf landscapes," Josh says. "It was a compulsion! Unknowingly I gravitated toward it and it drew me in. I wanted to express the essence of what I was seeing and feeling at these beautiful courses. So I began painting, in oil, and immediately it was an amazing creative outlet for me.

The world of golf landscape oil painters is small and very select, but already, Josh has turned the heads of names such as Tom Lehman, Tom Doak, Pebble Beach, and Bandon Dunes. He has been invited to paint at Bandon Dunes and Pebble Beach, each considered the "Mecca" of golf resorts in America. Tom Lehman has flown Josh to virgin property in Nebraska in order to create oil painting renderings of his design ideas, prior to construction.

Among notable owners of his art are Charles Schwab, PGA Tour professionals including Tom Lehman, Jeff Brehaut and Arron Oberholser, Champions Tour player David Eger and golf architects such as Tom Doak, Kyle Phillips, Bill Coore and Mike DeVries. Doak and Eger, each known for their strong opinions and very discerning tastes, have seen it all and been to the best courses throughout the world, and both are were drawn to Josh's work.

In his paintings, he aims to find the best perspective, texture, mood and color to capture the beauty of the landscape while also accurately showing the architectural genius of the particular setting. Given his knowledge of golf design and history, it is no wonder golf architects and well-versed golf figures are among the first people to appreciate his work.

It’s only natural that a guy who spent years in the field – building bunkers by hand, designing golf features in the dirt and studying what makes classic courses so great – has a certain knack for getting those details right on canvas. But as Josh will tell you, he is most drawn to painting golf landscapes that speak more to the subtle, innate beauty of nature than their function as a golf course. As is true with the best courses built today and throughout history, the most beautiful and accomplished layouts blend seamlessly with Mother Nature. As an artist, Josh knows he cannot improve on the random beauty of nature, but can only hope to do it justice.

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